Tsukuehama Banyagun (Tsukuehama Guard Lodges)

Tsukuehama Banyagun are guard lodges, located on the cove of the cliff coast.
There are 24 wooden guard lodges, rebuild after Sanriku Earthquake and Tsunami in1933. For ages, they were used as a storage of fishing equipment and places to dry seaweeds and kelps.
This place was a symbol of fishermen’s farming and fishing culture, which was in harmony with nature. It was chosen as one of the “100 Historical Cultural Assets of Fishing Villages” in 2006.
Though Tsukuehama Banyagun thrived as a base for the residents and tourists, the tsunami following the March 11 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami completely destroyed the buildings. However, the villagers wanted to rebuild their community and launched “Tsukuehama Banya Reconstruction Project.” By national supports and reconstruction works, they were rebuild in December 2014. At reconstructed Tsukuehama Banyagun, you can experience many kind of its cultures such as “ Banya Ryori Taiken, (Cooking experience)” which fishermen’s wives teaches how to cook fresh seafood, “Tsukuehama Banya Fishermen Guide, (Fishermen’s tour)”
which is a tour guided by local fisherman and “Shiozukuri Taiken, (Salt making experience)” which you can make salt from saltwater.

Tsukuehama Banyagun
Tsukuehama Banyagun
Shokutaiken Banya (Cooking experience)  

■Banya Ryori Taiken (Cooking experience) ※Reservation required 17:00 3 days before
 Fare: 2,500 yen per person (2 or more people)
 Duration: 90 minutes

■Tsukuehama Banya Fishermen Guide (Guide tour by fishermen)  ※Reservation required 17:00 the day before
 Fare: 3,000 yen per person (2 or more people)
 Duration: 60 minutes
■Shiozukuri Taiken (Salt making experience) ※Reservation required 17:00 3 days before)
 *Normal Experience
  Fare: 2,500 yen per person(2 or more people) Duration: 60 minutes
 *Genuine Experience
 Fare: 7,000 yen per person (2 or more people)  Duration: about 7 hours (During 9:00-16:00)