Scenic Area of the Sea

Tanohata Village’s tourism attractions are “Kitayamazaki Cliff” and “Unosu(Nest of cormorants)Cliff .They are magnificent sea cliffs that are called the Alps of the sea.

Two hundred-meter cliffs stretch across the coastline and rock walls are jutting out into the sea. It is different from deeply indented Rias Coastline, which starts from the south of Miyako City and extends to the north of Miyagi Prefecture.

Kitayamazaki Cliff is one of the most impressive landscapes, where 200-meter cliffs stretch across the coastline. It has been rated the highest A-class in the “natural resource : coast” category of National Tourist Evaluation by the Japan Travel Bureau Foundation. It is surrounded by a rich nature, and there is also a 718-step escapade from the observation deck at the top of the cliff to the shore.

There are also exciting tours like “Sappa Boat Ride,” which is a tour on a small fishing boat called sappa boat and approach islands and rocks for a dynamic close-up views and “Kitayamazaki Cliff Cruise” on which it is possible to take in a power view of Kitayamazaki from on a boat and feed seagulls.

Unosu Cliff (Cormorants’ Cliff)

Walking on the wood chip course through the pine forest from the parking lot, you will arrive at Unosu(Nest of cormorants)Clif observation deck in about 5 minutes. On the way, there is Travel to Stars stone monument (written by Akira Yoshimura,) designed in the motif of Unosu(Nest of cormorants)Clif. As the name “Unosu (cormorants)” suggests, you can see various species of cormorants which have nested on the mid-slope of the cliff. There are 5 impressive 200-meter-high rock walls jutting out into the sea in a row, a scenery resembles a folding screen.