Sappa Boat Ride

Ours on small fishing boats called sappa boats, steered by fishermen. Only skilled fishermen can navigate near Kitayamazaki’s 200 meter-high cliffs. You can enjoy the waves of the ocean, but if the condition of the ocean is fine, you can enjoy very adventurous cruise like among the reefs and passing through the sea caves.

Sappa Boat Ride
Sappa Boat Ride

■Fare: 3,500 yen per person for 2 passengers; ※7,000 yen for private hire for 1 person
■Duration: 1 hour (Reservation required by the day before)
■Point of arrival /depature: Tsukue Fishing Port, Tanohata, Iwate
(142-3 Tsukue, Tanohata, Shimohei-gun, Iwate, 028-8402, JAPAN)




Kitayamazaki Cliff Cruuise

You can enjoy the picturesque scenery of Kitayamazaki from ocean. It is about 50-minute cruise via Bentenzaki and Yagoshimisaki to Kitayamazaki.
You can also enjoy feeding black-tailed gulls.

Kitayamazaki Cliff Cruuise
black-tailed gulls

■Fare: Junior high school students and up 1,460 yen, Elementary school students 730 yen ※Group discount: 15 or more
■Duration: 50 minutes ※There are 4-5 boat tours a day (Extra boat tours are available)
■Dates: April 11th -November 3rd ※Extra boat tours are available (such as New Year’s Holidays)
■Point of arrival/ departure: 104-2 shimanokoshi, Tanohata, Iwate